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We Focus On:

  • The Right Audience

    Are you reaching out to the right target audience? Are they they ones who will be spending with you?

  • The Right Strategy

    Are you using the right approach to target the audience you want? Do you know how to reach the next level on your ads?

  • The Right Fees

    Are you spending too much? Or too little? Do you know your cost of acquisition for each lead? Can this be better?

The first step is the most important. It is the most crucial and the most effective as it will initiate the direction you have chosen.

Stephen James Backley OBE, English Athlete - former World Record Holder for Javelin Throwing


Discover how Digital Marketing can bring you to places that you've not been before.

Whether you're new to Digital Marketing or you're a active advertiser, we hope to work closely with you to boost your business even more.

Optimise your Google Marketing
and Ads The Way You Want It!

Want To Take Control Of Your Online Conversions?

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  • Track with Data

    Manage your leads and sales using DATA! Don’t just rely on luck or Not just by guessing or what others say.

  • Be In Control

    Take control of your sales from the start. Be in control of what you want and take charge.

  • Scale Easily

    Everything in Google Ads is measurable and scalable. Ready to scale, just turn up the dial.

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"Found the sessions really useful with Alwin, he gave many great examples to illustrate the important points for my business"

Dr June Lim - Dentist & Founder
Dr June Lim - Dentist & Founder Toothie Dental

Why Us

Your Google Ads Partner

Let Us Help You Take Advantage of Google

  • Growth Focus

    Growth is the driving reason why you invest in technology. Hence, growing your business is our primary focus when working with you

  • Cash Flow Friendly

    Lower your initial capital and manage your cash flow better. That also means, better risk management and better scalability

  • Better Sales Results

    Never forget any Sales Lead, Track Sales Conversion and Follow up on sales orders. Grow sales with no extra effort.

  • Data Focus

    With the right tools and analytics within our easy reach, we ensure that results is the key to your Google Ads’ success.

  • Conservative & Aggressive

    We start your strategy with a conservative approach, once the “formula” has been validated we help you scale your business quickly.

  • Scientific Approach

    With our scientific and engineering experience, marketing can be implemented using the same approach for growth.

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I’ve never considered anything like this before, but I am so glad I did. Alwin helped me to find the route of my issues and how to manage and overcome them. It was exhilarating!

Paul Crawford, Businessman, Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)

Alwin has in depth knowledge on the topic discussed. Thank you for your insights!!

Chelsia Yip - Founder & CEO, Northern Creation (NCREATION SDN BHD)

What We Offer

Google Ads Package

"Run ads like experts"

Product Booster is our signature package where we help you lift the initial heavy work of setting up a successful Google Ads marketing campaign.

This is a 4 months package that will help you drill deep into creating a long and lasting Google Ads campaign. We will work with you in this few months (especially at the start) to fine tune your ads so that they will help you increase conversions.

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  1. Clear keywords that work.
  2. Multiple strategies (if relevant) to fine tune your ads.
  3. Insight from seasonal marketers
  4. Feedback and improvement suggestions for your website’s landing page.
  1. Clients who are completely new to Google Ads marketing.
  2. Clients who have been trying out Google Ads but have not seen significant progress
  3. Clients who have been using Google Ads Smart campaigns and now want to level up.
  1. Confidence that your ads are configured correctly and professionally
  2. You’ll see higher conversions (Just to be clear, higher conversions may not always represent higher sales. The effectiveness of your landing page plays a large role in this).
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How It Works

Here is a rough plan of how we help clients work on their Google Ads strategy. The step by step approached is designed to help you with the heavy lifting and then help you fly.

Stage 1 (Month 1)

  • 1

    Understand your Requirement & Products

    We'll spend about 1 week (pending on the workload at that time) understanding your company background, your products and your target audience.

  • 2

    Understand your current Google Ads (if any)

    We'll study the existing performance of your Google Ads so that we can determine the strategy required to optimise it.

  • 3

    Analyse your website

    We'll analyse your website and asses its Google “friendliness”. We'll also provide detailed suggestions and work required for website improvement.

Stage 2 (Month 2-4)

  • 4

    Initial Campaign

    While waiting for client to improve website, we will start the Google Ads (on a small budget) to obtain Google’s performance score. That means, we’ll set up the initial campaign (along with the relevant initial keywords). In some cases, Google might take up to 3 weeks to produce a score and that’s pending on a few factors.
    Note: This step might start earlier if Stage 1 is ready.

  • 5

    Fine Tuning the Campaigns

    Based on initial review, we'll start adjusting Google campaign based on give outcomes. This could also involve changing multiple parameters to identify the right target/budget. At this stage, we’ll start to boost your campaigns with an expected budget in mind.

  • 6

    Boosting the Campaigns

    Increase budget once outcome and conversion rate are favorable.

Stage 3 (Month 5+)

  • 7

    Monitor and Review

    Because Google Ads is about bidding for the space, we help monitor your ads so that they remain at the optimum position. As and when a new competitor affects your ads, we'll re-strategies with you.

  • 8

    Competitor Analysis

    On a monthly basis, we'll prepare a competitor analysis for you so that you know what your competitors are doing.

  • 9

    Google Updates

    As you know, Google has a tentency to update your features on a regular basis, we will keep you updated on these matters.

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  • q-iconWhen we engage you, do you think you are able to convert X amount of sales?

    This is a very subjective are as there are many areas to consider before a lead is converted to sales. Typically, the few layers of conversions include:

    Keywords (used during search) > displayed ads (based on search rankings) > Landing Page > Call-to-action page > Sales (or phone call)

    While we will provide suggestions for improvements on your landing page and call-to-action strategies, our service usually stops immediately before the sales occurs.

    Think about this, if you have a retail store, our aim is to bring the customers into your store. Whether or not the customer makes a purchase, that’s driven by many other factors that are beyond our scope.

    Of course, we aim to track every single stage of the process, and with the data acquired from google (and other tools), we’ll work with you to improve the conversions. Hence, we need at least 3-6 months’ time.

  • q-iconWhy do we still need to engage you after 6 months? The ads should be configured properly by then, right?

    Yes, the ads should be running smoothly by then. Hence, once the ads are working fine, we move into monitory service.

    The first thing is to keep you updated on any Google Ads feature change. Google is famous for changing/adding new things all the time and our role is to keep you updated on these changes.

    The 2nd thing, which is probably equally important, is that we’ll help run competitor analysis for you. As Google Ads running on a bidding concept, a new competitor might enter the same market and can easily affect your ads. Hence, an on-going monitoring is important.

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