The End Game
Hanniz once asked me, “What’s your end game starting MCT?”.

Well, I thought the name “Making Changes” was obvious and our mission was clear. But I then found out that what she’s really after was – “what’s my personal end goal?” rather then the one for the business.

Before I share my goals, I guess it only makes sense to understand where I came from before you know where I want to go.

I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from one of the top engineering universities in the UK (in fact, it’s one of the top in the world). Before graduation, I noticed that the engineering industry in the UK was not as attractive. Hence I thought I should move closer to my personal passion and the next best step (at that time) was to move into management accounting.

To be honest, part of the decisions were not mine to choose. I wanted a visa to remain in the UK. So I took the job.

15 months down the road, I didn’t like working in the midlands and I was dying to move back to London. From then onwards, the journey became more of a roller coaster. From manufacturing to financial sector, from engineering to management accounting, from corporate to start up, I can’t claim that I’ve done it all.. but I’ve done lots.

One thing that was consistent was that, I’ve always been a high achiever and, yet, I’ve always been less-than-completely-ecstatic with what I do. In other words, I wasn’t happy enough with what I had.

My end goal is really to create a legacy to help people help their passion. More importantly, I want to help them live by it.

In the next 5 years, my personal goal is (1) to create a system to help others grow and to see that these individuals are special and unique in their own way. And, (2), to set up multiple financial pipelines and so that I can continue with my mission to help others without time and money pressure.

My dream is to create an environment where we can stop “fishing for others”. Instead, “teach people how to fish, so that they can fish for themselves”.

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